The Open Minded Skeptic Society ( OMSS ) - is a professional team of paranormal investigators located in Central Florida. The OMSS is a not-for-profit organization, this is a passion, not a way to make money. We consists of a professional team of individuals, with varying skills and a broad range of expertise, who are dedicated to researching and understanding unexplained phenomena. Anything that is mysterious or unexplained falls under the scope of research being conducted by OMSS investigators.


We are dedicated to the establishment and refinement of research tools and techniques of the paranormal, and consider this an important element in the mission of the organization. The OMSS maintains the utmost professionalism in research and investigations, and strives to provide a service that is considered superior within the paranormal community. Each investigator follows a strict code of conduct while investigating, as well as maintain high moral standards outside of organizational duties.


The objective to each investigation is to investigate the reality of the existence of paranormal phenomena, to try to ascertain the characteristic properties of such phenomena by scientifically acceptable means, and to attempt to find scientific explanations for such phenomena.


We will provide a free on site assessment for residential and commercial customers. The OMSS will initially consider and look for various rational explanations for alleged paranormal phenomena and will continue to assist our clients until a satisfactory conclusion about any phenomena is reached. We can also offer paracounseling, working with individuals or families who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon and feel they need support around these events affecting their lives. Through this volunteer work, we hope to add to the field of paranormal studies, educate those interested, and help those who are being subjected to this phenomenon.


Basically, when it all comes down to it, our goal is to provide professional investigations for business, residential, and beyond. We go in as skeptics and remain that way until we get evidence of the paranormal. We do not get rid of ghosts/spirits or claim to, however if the situation arises, we can help or contact the right people to do so.