"The Open Minded Skeptic Society" (OMSS) is a group committed to searching for the truth in the field of paranormal research. We take all factors into account on investigations, using common sense and scientific equipment to document or debunk paranormal activity through audio, video, and other electronic means of equipment. While we do not claim to get rid of paranormal activity, we will do all in our power to help our clients by discussing all viable options.


The OMSS is focused on research, history, scientific evaluation, education, understanding and providing help and support to those experiencing possible paranormal activity, no matter where that may be. The OMSS does NOT charge for our services, as our goal is to provide a specialized service, not to seek fame or fortune.


We are caring and respectable towards our client's privacy, property, wishes and circumstances. We are dedicated to helping those in need who don’t know who else to turn to. We are here to help and educate anyone in any way we can because it's our passion, our interest, our research, and it is what we do best.


We provide a free on site assessment for residential and commercial customers. The OMSS considers and looks for various rational explanations for alleged paranormal phenomena and assists our clients until a satisfactory conclusion about any phenomena is reached. We can also offer paracounseling, working with individuals or families who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon and feel they need support around these events affecting their lives. Through this volunteer work, we hope to add to the field of paranormal studies, educate those interested, and help those who are being subjected to this phenomenon.